Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pesto: Summer on a Plate

It's a fact: the smell of fresh basil can instantly make you happier.  I tested this today and it worked...

Just look at all of that glorious herb.  I'm sorry, but what's not to love about the stuff that makes sauce taste Italian and gives meaning to all summer dishes.

And Wikipedia says that extracts of basil are very toxic to mosquitoes. BIG WIN.

This morning Nonna got up with the early birds to harvest 4 cups of fresh basil leaves for some fresh pesto.

I've been eating pesto since I was in nappies but this is the very first time I've ever seen it made.  Actually I have a feeling our whole family still thinks pesto is born in the freezer.  Nonna has been producing yearly supplies of basil-green sauce for years without anyone seeing the transformation from leaf to fragrant mush until this moment.  

Exciting times.  I'm going to enlarge my font because it's that exciting.

Pecan nuts (because pine nuts are too mainstream).

This is the point at which I gasp, because I can't believe how easy this recipe is.


Perfection.  This is what I call summer on a plate.

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