Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zuccotto: Something New

When I first started the Cooking With Nonna project, I had in mind all the flavours, smells and ingredients I grew up experiencing in Nonna's kitchen.

I didn't take into account the Master Chef effect that had spread across Australia.  The Ready Steady Cook, My Kitchen Rules, and Channel 31 Italian cooking effect.

Suddenly the wonderful world of culinary experimentation and foodie adventures has invaded our living rooms.  Who can resist?  

Well, me, because I don't watch much TV.  But Nonna has kept up to date with what's going on and she was ready to try 

something new.

We don't know much about zuccotto except that it's a recipe in a really old Women's Weekly Italian cookbook, and it involves a lot of hazelnuts, chocolate and cream.  Very big win.

So this was going to be our special Christmas Day dessert... if it worked.  And if not, there was a family-favourite back up plan in the freezer, also involving cream and chocolate. But that's another post.

Every Women's Weekly recipe needs an extra touch of something homemade.

The most nail-biting moment of all was removing the zuccotto from the fridge while everyone was digesting Christmas lunch and easing it out from it's protective nest.

Oh, but it was worth it.

The only thing we'll do differently next time is to crush those nuts for an extra few minutes, and throw some extra splashes of liqueur on the sponge.  

We strive for perfection when Cooking With Nonna :) 

A confirmed new family Chrismas favourite!

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