Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dropping in: Pasta Carbonara

Dropping in on Nonna unexpectedly is always an adventure.  Especially if you've managed to arrive at lunch time (completely unplanned, I assure you).

 While most of us are used to grabbing a quick sandwich, or heating up last night's leftovers, lunch at Nonna's is The Meal Of The Day.

(The perks of being a retiree....)

Lunch times at Nonna's always include something made fresh and hot, straight from the pan or oven. 

And today is no exception.  Nonna happens to have some bacon and mushrooms on hand, combined with several things always handy in her fridge/pantry (cream, shallots and penne pasta).

I'd also like to point out the shiny new frying pan/skillet Nonna is using to fry all of this deliciousness.  This was a gift from my mother and aunty, because they've learned that a cooking utensil in Nonna's hands is the gift that keeps on giving.


At this point, words cannot describe the aroma coming from this simmering sauce.

There's nothing that makes a grandchild feel more loved than being told to 'come anytime', including lunchtime, and knowing that Nonna has the frying pan ready, the pasta on hand, and an empty place at the table just for you.

Buon appetito.   

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