Sunday, November 23, 2014


Hidden at the back of Nonna's freezer is a very ordinary looking plastic container which you might easily overlook when reaching for a frozen chicken or a tray of ravioli.

It holds my favourite summer treat.

Three layers of gorgeously smooth and exotic icecream, sandwiched together into a cassatta, or basically, an ice cream cake.

Now these shots are from summer 2013/14 when the Cooking With Nonna project BROUGHT BACK CASSATA. 


The biggest benefit of my cooking spree so far, has been the return of family favourites which haven't made an appearance for literally decades.
My last memory of cassata had been glace cherries and that hidden container at the back of the freezer.

Now cassata is back on the menu, and in the next couple of weeks a fresh batch will be going into the freezer, ready for Christmas '14.
Everyone approves.

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