Monday, July 27, 2015


So there have been some big changes in the Cooking With Nonna environment:

Namely the Farm, the house of my grandparents, my favourite childhood location, the best place on earth...

Has been sold.

Yeah, still getting over that one.

Change is not fun.  

But it does allow for endless possibilities, new beginnings, and the chance to create fresh memories.

Nonna now has a shiny, white, modern, spacious new kitchen waiting for her at a new house.  So I guess I'm excited to christen it with more traditional family recipes.  

The Cooking With Nonna project is still up and running, and it's wintertime which means:


Nothing says comfort food like, warm, soft, tasty polenta.

And in the middle of winter comfort food is what gets us through frosty days of biting winds and rain in Melbourne.

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