Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Springtime: Artichoke Soup

Hey look, a blog post!  It's only been about seven months: seven months of ups and downs, and uni assignments, and road trips, and one broken camera, and plenty of cooking with Nonna.

The broken camera was one of the scarier moments, but it means I have a beautiful new lens to debut, so keep an eye out for some experimental focusing.

September means another springtime full of fresh, leafy greens, moist soil, and edible blossoms.

I sincerely believe it is a crime to ignore the beautiful signs of the seasons, which means we all need to spend some quality time outside of buildings, getting our shoes dirty.

Growing along the fence line of Nonno and Nonna's vegetable garden are a row of leafy, grey plants which sprout pretty artichoke globes.  I've been peeking through the leaves for a couple of weeks now, but still no sign of these tasty treats.

These pictures are last year's artichoke wonders, which were made into soup, or pickled in olive oil and oregano to be smashed over pizzas all year through.

Stuffed artichokes boiled in a deliciously rich broth is one of the most perfect dishes for a crisp, chilly September evening.  

Once these lovelies cooked for hours, I added some boiled fava beans and spaghetti and had a very satisfied stomach.

Now I'm off to check those artichoke bushes again...

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