Friday, November 7, 2014

Ricotta Calzone

While compiling a mega list of recipe ideas with Nonna at the beginning of the year, I realised there were so many glorious foods and baked goods she had simply stopped cooking/baking.  How could this be?

Just more proof of the importance of The Cooking With Nonna project - some extra motivation to do a little extra shopping, find a little extra time, and make something a little extra special.

I now love the familiar feeling of pulling out the giant wooden board from the back of Nonna's linen cupboard, laying it out, and pouring out flour.  Bowls are just so overrated.

Creating edible things from scratch is the best way to learn that cooking and baking are really just the same steps repeated over and over with slight variations.  Pasta, pizza, biscotti and now calzone all start here, on the board, with some egg and flour.

Ricotta calzone variation: lemon rind.

Oh, Ricotta, how I love thee without shame.

And how improved you are with some sugar and spice.

Having grown up in a largely gluten-free house, seeing the fluffiness of risen dough can be a bit too exciting.


Does it get any better than fresh pastry wrapped around sweet, creamy ricotta?  I THINK NOT.

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