Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fresh Pasta: Spaghetti & Fettuccine

This is where the magic happens...  (hint: replace fairy dust with generous handfuls of flour)

Combine one nonna, one over-excited granddaughter, a well-oiled pasta machine, and a couple of hours after lunch...

 Fresh pasta.

Fresh pasta was the bread and butter of Nonna's upbringing in the village in Italy.  I don't need to spell out how synonymous pasta is with the Italian way of life, but I assure you that it's not a cliche.
Pasta is verrrrry necessary. 

I promise I cranked the handle too, and did a reasonable amount of kneading...

There are three unique pasta shapes/types to Nonna's own tiny village which makes me wonder how many pasta shapes Italy has produced.  Can a hedge a bet at 50,000?

Nonna reminded me that there wasn't always a pasta machine on hand, and demonstrated the way to make the fettucine village-style.

Tossed through lots of fairy dust/flour...


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